Vegan Whole30 // Day 1

Happy DAY ONE!

Fun fact: the Whole30 is what I originally based my entire diet on. It helped me find a diet perfectly tailored and suited for me.

Here's an intro as to why I personally endorse the Whole30:

From being on the SAD (Standard American Diet), to bulimic, to Paleo, to raw vegan, to 80/10/10, to rawtilfour, I was obviously COMPLETELY CONFUSED about what is truly good for me to eat.

Then I completed the Whole30. During that time, you're encouraged to do research, ask questions, and learn about why you're doing what you're doing. This was the most valuable part for me. While you can easily be drowned in the noise that is the Internet and all of its opinions of what the best diet is, there is truth in whole foods. Because the foods are simply that: whole and untouched. 

This is the only thing that made sense to me. Foods made in nature are complete with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and even the right amount of water content to digest those nutrients. Foods found in nature, especially plants, are the closest to the sun when absorbing energy, ergo, you too will receive the most energy from them. This concept is so beautiful to me. Which is why I fell in love with "eating Whole" in the first place.

"Now Mickey, you're vegan. So what do you eat for protein?"

Ah yes, this is where I talk about how I adapted the Whole30 to fit my lifestyle. To be honest, I didn't agree with the Whole30 100%. For me, I felt good eating grains, legumes, and soy, BUT the arguments I kept hearing convinced me to do my own research about it and make my own conscious decision.

Having weighed out the fact that I'm vegan, and that legumes and grains are where I find my most significant sources of protein, I chose to keep them in my diet. I did adjust my mentality towards grains, however. Rice is typically THEE STAPLE FOOD. Same with oats. Same with any other major grain. Instead of relying on those grains as the base of my meals,  I'm now treating them as if they were more complementary to the meal, rather then the staple. Thus, I'm keeping my portions of grain reasonable, and still filling up on the necessary veggies.

THERE'S SO MUCH I CAN TALK ABOUT. But luckily, I've got 30 days (or more) of this, so I'll rant more tomorrow. :D

Here's my breakfast for my VEGAN WHOLE 30 // DAY 1!

Banana & Chopped Apple with Korintje Cinnamon and Almond Butter

Until tomorrow!