& it's lovely to meet you.

About my design experience...

I am a corporate-trained, technically skilled graphic designer with a background in fashion/technical design & illustration, and freelance branding design.

About my fitness journey...

I've struggled with body dysmorphia & a general insecurity for as long as I can remember. Taking the reigns to improve my physical health has provided me with the positive mentality I've always needed!


my design services

freelance graphic design – including but not limited to: branding design, logo design, Squarespace website design, marketing materials, product & package design, vector illustrations

calligraphy – brush pen hand lettering, watercolor hand lettering, vector typography

• photography – portraits, food, & lifestyle, extremely powerful photoshop wizard

• site & media beautification – short explanation: I'll make your social media feed pretty


instagram: @plantsandplanks    //    snapchat: plants.planks