Frequently Asked Questions


100% handmade...ish

Besides the wood, ink, and paper, my products are 100% handmade! I cut, sand, and brand each woodblock display by hand. I draw or illustrate each quote by hand. And I print, prepare, and package each order by hand!


Returns and Shipping

I ship each product within 2 days of receiving the order, unless otherwise indicated, like I'm out of woodblocks. If that's the case, I'll notify you and let you know of an expected timeline. I will ship all packages through USPS ground. 

I do ship internationally!

No returns or refunds, but I can send up to 2 replacement prints should anything happen to the original prints I provide.


Can you draw me something?

Sure! Hit me up here on design with Mickey. I have a variety of design services for you to choose from!


How do I get featured on @plantsandplanks?

I choose every quote at random, even when I do competitions! I choose each quote the day before or day of posting, by randomly searching and stalking people's Instagram feeds. ;) If you'd like to be featured, contact me and I'll consider it!